About Us

After completing studies at Seneca College and the DeVry Institute of Technology, Ms. Dennis embarked on an extensive career overseeing projects for fortune 500 companies. Cultivating an array of skills, including Ultimate Stager TM certification her entrepreneurial spirit was put to work and in 2015 CapitalIndeed Inc.TM was born.

Committed to continuous learning we invest significant time, energy and capital into our Real Estate education. As the team continues to grow its evident CapitalIndeedTM is answering the call to provide a comprehensive set of Real Estate services.

We are active members of the Mastery Group an international premier Real Estate investment organization designed to provide educational support for those in Mortgage Investments. We are also members in good standing with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Who We Are

CapitalIndeed Inc.TM is a registered Corporation in the Province of Ontario. We perform renovations to distressed properties powered in part by the financial contributions of Investors like you. We are excited to participate in the economic development of the GTA and surrounding areas.

A Note from the Founder:

“At Capital Indeed our mission is to revitalize communities and encourage
home ownership. Our talent pool is comprised of highly motivated skilled
professionals who strive for excellence in service to our clients and

Our collaborative approach harvests the combined skills of the team adding
tremendous value across the various stages of our projects. Join us as we
unite a passion for real estate with our talent pool to create lasting change in
the communities we serve”

Business Model

Our focus is to provide solutions for homeowners and find value for Investors. We consistently review buying opportunities to analyze deals. We obtain bulk discounts on materials and win preferred contractor rates. We recognize not every opportunity is a “good deal” nor do all projects run smoothly so we approach each project using conservative estimations and stringent guidelines to measure scope and weigh risk. We take preemptive action and the necessary steps toward resolution.

“Solutions for homeowners and value for investors.”

We follow a systematic and disciplined approach putting each potential investment through our due diligence process.

Qualifying criteria includes, but is not limited to:

Overall condition of the property including HVAC, plumbing, electrical
and structural.
● Property analysis examined by a certified, independent Appraiser
● An economic study of the neighbourhood, city planning and development
● Demographics of the area, marketability and growth potential
● Statistics on:
i. Crime rate
ii. Public transportation
iii. School district